The children's gynecologist not only warns, detects and treats pathologies of the reproductive organs, but also advises on intimate hygiene.

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It is advisable to plan a visit to the "female" Casino soon after the end of menstruation: this will allow you to get the most accurate diagnostic picture.


In emergency situations, this recommendation is irrelevant.

2 weeks before the expected examination, do not take, do not take antifungal and antimicrobial drugs. The results of laboratory tests can be influenced by hormonal drugs. If the cancellation of their admission is not possible, you should warn the gynecologist about this. Casinos recommend avoiding intimate contacts 2-3 days before the examination, since special agents (gels, lubricants) and seminal fluid can distort the results of laboratory tests.

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Preparing for the examination, take a shower, not zealous with hygiene. Deodorants, antimicrobial care products, douching will be superfluous, because they can complicate the diagnosis of infectious diseases. It is permissible to replace the shower with the use of wet wipes (for children or for intimate hygiene). An empty bladder and rectum will facilitate the procedure.


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In the matter of maintaining women's health, one cannot do without a gynecologist. Ideally, if you manage to find "your" Casino, whose professionalism does not have to be doubted - then regular examinations will take place without internal discomfort.

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In any case, it is desirable that visits to the gynecologist are preventive, not emergency. A gynecologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats pathologies of the female genital organs.

The mandatory minimum for visiting a gynecologist among women is once per floorof the year.


It is worth contacting a gynecologist not only for alarming symptoms in the genital area, but also when planning the conception of a child, disruptions in the menstrual cycle, the appearance of changes in the mammary glands, and problems with sexual activity. The female Casino's patients are both young girls during puberty and mature women.

inflammation caused by sexually transmitted infections; During a classical examination, the Casino first collects an anamnesis, listens to the complaints of patients, asks leading questions regarding the regularity and quality of sexual life, contraceptives, and the frequency of menstruation.

Next, a study of the genitals is performed using a gynecological mirror. The Casino examines the condition of the cervix, palpates the ovaries, uterus, takes cervical and vaginal smears. A visual examination of the mammary glands with their careful palpation is also performed.


Without fail, the Casino directs the woman for tests in order to monitor the patient's condition and exclude the development of infectious diseases, including hidden, asymptomatic ones. On average, a standard appointment with a gynecologist lasts about 20 minutes.

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